Terms of use

1.         General information

Hoval Group websites (hereinafter referred to as “Hoval websites”) include Hoval corporate website, websites of Hoval subsidiaries, websites of Hoval distribution partners as well as other websites run under Hoval brand name. Hoval websites are run by Hoval Aktiengesellschaft, Austrasse 70, FL-9490 Vaduz (hereinafter referred to as “Hoval”) in cooperation with Hoval subsidiaries and Hoval distribution partners.

Questions pertaining to the terms of use can be sent via e-mail to the address info@hoval.com. General questions regarding Hoval group products and services can also be sent directly to the specific contact addresses of Hoval subsidiaries, which can be found on relevant websites

These terms of use can be amended by Hoval at any time and each time will enter into force on the date of amending them, unless decided otherwise.

By accessing Hoval websites, in particular by using information and services and processing them, you agree to the policies specified below.  

2.            Contents, relevance and responsibility

2.1.     Hoval Corporate Website/Websites of Hoval national companies

Despite all reasonably expectable precautions, technical inaccuracies, omissions and typographical errors cannot be excluded in the content of Hoval’s websites. The information provided on the respective websites of Hoval’s national companies are classified by country. Despite taking the greatest possible care, Hoval cannot exclude that some items of information may be sporadically retrievable that do not comply with or only partially comply with the general legal conditions of the respective national companies. Hoval assumes no liability for the correctness, completeness, reliability, up-to-dateness or legality of the information published on Hoval’s websites, in particular price lists, planning documents, operating instructions, catalogues, manufacturers’ declarations, hydraulic diagrams and electrical diagrams and suchlike.

2.2.     Websites of Hoval distribution partners

Hoval makes available to the Hoval Group distribution partners an uniform Internet platform where distribution partners can present their products and services to Hoval Group. Distribution partners are third parties independent of the Hoval Group. Information on Hoval Group products and services are made available by Hoval. Distribution partners can independently post own information on this website. This pertains in particular to the company data, contact addresses, information on services and consulting as well as general delivery terms. Under internal procedures, Hoval will verify on a regular basis the content of information published by the distribution partners. Hoval cannot, however, exclude the possibility that individual information that is not compliant or is only partially compliant with the legal framework conditions will be published. Hoval assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the correctness, completeness, reliability, up-to-dateness or legality of the information published by the distribution partners. 

2.3.        Links to third party websites

Some links on Hoval’s websites leads to the websites of third parties. These are then no longer within the sphere of the influence of Hoval. Hoval therefore assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the correctness, completeness, permissibility, up-to-dateness or legality of the content or linkage with other websites included in these nor for any offers, products or services included there.

3.            No binding offer

Generally no element on the Hoval Websites shall constitute or be construed as a binding offer to a user of the website. If Hoval intends to invite a user to submit an offer or in exceptional cases make a binding offer itself via the website, it will declare its intention clearly and unambiguously. In the event of any doubt in this respect, the user must assume that Hoval does not intend to make a binding offer.

4.            Copyright

All rights remain reserved. All contents of Hoval’s websites are subject to the property rights of Hoval. Any type of duplication, dissemination, evaluation or change—or extracts thereof—is prohibited without previous written authorization by Hoval. All information that is provided for download on Hoval’s websites may be used only for information purposes and the planning or acquisition of Hoval’s products or system solutions.

5.            Hoval online portals

Provision of the Hoval online portals (hereinafter referred to as “Hoval online portal”) is performed solely at the discretion of Hoval.  The user can derive no rights whatsoever from the accordance of access to the Hoval online portal. Hoval can interrupt or suspend Hoval online portal at any time without further justification. The user identification assigned by Hoval, the corresponding password and the information on Hoval online portal must be treated as personal and confidential. Disclosure of the password and/or of the information to third parties is prohibited without the approval of Hoval. The necessary information provided by the user for the user identification shall be truthfully and comprehensibly. The consequence of any infringement whatsoever of this prohibition shall be the immediate disabling of the access to the Hoval online portal and possible claims for compensation by Hoval. They use the conditions in question and the warranty and liability exclusion apply accordingly for use of the information provided on the Hoval online portal.

6.            Liability exclusion

The visiting of Hoval websites, the use of the information contained therein and the use of information and offers shown their takes place at your own risk and responsibility of the user.

Hoval excludes without restriction all liability for direct and indirect damages, incidental damage, damages due to defects or consequential damages due to defects of any kind, losses or costs that could be incurred by the user or third parties in connection with the access or use of Hoval’s websites or parts thereof and the use of the information provided therein or arising from links to websites of third parties. The liability exclusion with the same scope also applies in the event that use of the information contained in these websites is made impossible or is restricted for reasons of any kind for the user.  

Liability is excluded in particular for lost profit, failure of performance of the Internet of any type (e.g. operating interruptions, malfunctions, viruses, harmful components, terrorist actions etc.), misuse by third parties (viewing of data, copies etc.) and the loss of programs or other data in your information systems. This also applies, if attention is drawn to the possibility of such damage on Hoval’s websites.

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