Hoval Viskan: the new generation of rotary heat exchangers

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With this in mind, autumn 2021 will see the launch of Viskan:
a new generation of rotary heat exchangers, which are characterised by high efficiency and a low pressure drop. At the heart of this product innovation is the tried-and-tested ST1 rotor, which has undergone further development work in order to bring an improved efficiency rating to the Viskan heat exchangers. This is primarily down to the new storage mass with an optimised untreated aluminium foil.
The name Viskan is taken from a large river in Sweden. Just as bodies of water create a pleasant climate out in the natural world, condensation heat exchangers from the Hoval Viskan product range help to ensure high air quality in indoor settings – particularly in winter. At cold temperatures, humidity is transferred from the extract air to the supply air flowing into the building.

Special storage mass ensures a high degree of efficiency

The ST1 rotor has undergone further development work for the new Viskan rotary heat exchanger. The new storage mass ensures improved efficiency with a special aluminium foil. As a result, with a Premium wave height, the Viskan exceeds the efficiency of the ST1 condensation heat exchanger with wave height X.

Alongside fulfilling all ErP requirements, one of the Hoval engineers’ main priorities when developing the Viskan was to cover a broad efficiency range. This resulted in the creation of a complete series with a wide selection of models: the new rotor is available in two different wave heights with diameters from 500 to 2600 mm.


Full portfolio to cover numerous applications

The Viskan can be used with all ventilation and air conditioning systems without humidification or mechanical cooling and ensures high air quality. With its high efficiency, it is equally suitable for standard applications or high-end central air conditioning units. Unlike Hoval’s other rotary heat exchangers (Muonio and Emån), the Viskan condensation rotor only transfers humidity during the winter when the extract air condenses in the storage mass.

Just as you would expect from Hoval, all components are perfectly coordinated with each other and are supplied ready to use from a single source, ensuring maximum efficiency in the system as well as problem-free installation and reliable operation. All products are certified by independent test institutes, which means that you can have full confidence in their technical data, leaktightness and hygiene.


State of the art

Hoval’s new Viskan condensation heat exchanger has been completely redesigned to create a state-of-the-art product. The sheet-metal casing – a space-saving, extremely robust frame construction for better temperature efficiency levels, a reduced pressure drop and high operational safety – was developed back in 2019 for all Hoval rotors. Furthermore, the torque curve of the small, energy-saving 3-phase stepper motors (Modbus-enabled) has also been optimised.

Why to choose Hoval rotary heat exchangers?

More information can be found in the Viskan brochure and on the website.
Alice Pauli