At a glance

At a glance

The Hoval Muonio sorption rotor transfers humidity to the maximum extent possible. For this purpose, its surfaces are coated with a highly effective 3 Å molecular sieve. The humidity is transferred through adsorption and desorption exclusively. The high humidity transmission efficiency is virtually constant across all climate zones. The sorption rotor saves cooling energy and dehumidifies the supply air, particularly at high outdoor temperatures.

Reduces CO2 emissions
Lower investment for heat generation and distribution
Ready-to-install and functional product
Perfect indoor climate, 365 days a year

The advantages

  • Proven: for many years in numerous applications
  • Efficient: high temperature and humidity recovery values
  • Healthy: minimal transmission of VOCs from the extract air to the supply air (VOCs = volatile organic compounds)
  • Easy to use: perfect indoor climate all year round
Individual: wide range of accessories

Technical information

  • Reliable: Eurovent-certified and hygiene-certified
  • Stable: differential pressure stability up to 1000 Pa
  • Flexible: width can be selected in 1 mm increments
  • Extensive range: shafts in six different heights all achieve optimum efficiency with a low pressure drop
  • Rotatable: suitable for vertical and horizontal installation
  • Safe to operate: complete drive technology available
  • Wheel diameters 500-2600mm with the innovative Hoval Sheet-Metal casing


The robust design prevents rotor movements that can cause leaks.

Suitable casing is available for each rotor size in the range. It can also be custom-made for the room ventilation unit in question on request. The standard casing is intended for vertical installation. However, smaller models can also be made for horizontal installation.

Storage mass

The Hoval Muonio is streamlined for high output. The storage mass provides maximum humidity transmission. The high humidity efficiency is nearly constant throughout all climate conditions. The sorption rotor is ideal for summer for recovering coldness and dehumidifying the supply air. It is ideal for warm climates, where dry cooling systems (chilled beams) and humidifiers are used.


Hoval provides easy, reliable drive equipment for both constant and variable speed operation.
Also available with high-efficient, gearless stepper motors.