At a glance

At a glance

The Hoval Krivan plate heat exchanger is designed for installation in ventilation and air conditioning units. The energy recovery unit is available in different sizes for air flow rates from approx. 200 to 100000 m³/h.


Reduces CO2 emissions
Lower investment for heat generation and distribution
Ready-to-install product with bypass and dampers
Perfectly coordinated system (exchanger package, bypass, dampers)

The advantages

  • Unique: up to 20% more air performance
  • ErP-compliant: all versions and sizes meet the Ecodesign 1253/2014 requirements without design adjustments
  • Outstanding: differential pressure stability up to 2500 Pa
  • Plug'n'play: simple design due to identical dimensions as the S heat exchanger
  • Extraordinary: ideal ratio between thermal efficiency and pressure drop
  • Constant: thermal efficiency is not too dependent on the flow velocity
  • Exact: plate spacing through positive/negative stamping
  • Hygienic: condensate drains off in all directions
  • Balanced: flow irregularities are balanced out
  • Individual: wide range of accessories

Technical information

  • Reliable: Eurovent-certified and hygiene-certified
  • Sustainable: thermal efficiency > 73%
  • Stable: differential pressure stability up to 2500 Pa
  • Sealed: double fold between the aluminium plates
  • Flexible: width can be selected in 1 mm increments
  • Safe: no electrical connections required
  • Simple: 45° corner sections simplify installation and reduce the diagonal dimensions
  • Quick: simple handling as a result of double fold on the edges of the side walls


The exchanger package is fitted into casing made up of corner sections and side walls.

  • The corners of the exchanger package are sealed into the corner sections with a sealing compound.
  • The side walls are bolted to the corner sections. Other components can be bolted or riveted directly to the walls.
  • The corner sections are made of aluminium and the side walls of corrosion resistant sheet metal.

Exchanger package

The exchanger package consists of specially formed aluminium plates. Its profile – and therefore the performance of the plate heat exchanger – has been optimised through extensive testing:

  • High thermal efficiency with low pressure drop at the same time
  • Very high differential pressure stability due to optimised arrangement of longitudinal and transverse ribs

The Krivan offers an ideal ratio between thermal efficiency and pressure drop.
The plates are joined together via an interlocking fold. This means that the material is several times thicker at the air inlet and outlet. It makes the exchanger package extremely rigid.