For quick and accurate design of Hoval energy recovery systems, use the Hoval CASER (Computer Aided Selection of Energy Recovery) design program.

Up to 7% more effective rotation exchanger surface, therefore lower pressure drop and higher efficiency
Extremely stable new Hoval rotor casing, therefore high operating reliability
Gotthard now available for air flow rates of up to 16,000 m³/h thanks to combined solution
All Gotthard sizes available with temperature efficiencies of 73% (ErP) and 80%

Selection program for energy recovery systems

  • Secure planning thanks to reliable data (Eurovent- and TÜV-certified)
  • Calculation of a specific Hoval plate heat exchanger or rotary heat exchanger
  • Calculation of all appropriate Hoval plate heat exchangers or rotary heat exchangers for a specific project
  • Efficiency class in accordance with EN 13053
  • Calculation mode “73 air” according to the Ecodesign Directive ErP 1253/2014 (only for plate heat exchangers, for explanation see 1.3)
  • Frost limit (only for plate heat exchangers)
  • Pressure drop increase due to differential pressure (only for plate heat exchangers)
  • Calculation of the performance figures for OACF (Outdoor Air Correction Factor) and EATR (Exhaust Air Transfer Ratio); only for rotary heat exchangers
  • Simplified ordering process due to optimised type code
  • Price calculation
  • Languages: English, German, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, Slovak, French, Chinese.

System requirements


1 GHz or faster x32- or x64-bit   processor


1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM   (64-bit)

Hard disk

About 120 MB available


1024x768 or higher resolution

Operating system

Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
  Windows 8 (32- or 64-bit)
  Windows 8.1 (32- or 64-bit)
  Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit)
  Cannot be run with Windows Vista


Hoval CASER update


  • The H classes have been updated in accordance with the new DIN EN 13053-2020/05

Plate heat exchanger

  • Gotthard combiblocks are now selectable with bypass and control damper
  • Changed price display at the Gotthard with optimized order quantity


Rotary heat exchanger

  • For all designs, with or without casing, the additional option "Q1 stronger packing" for see- or airfreight can be selected
  • The casing type "PR" for segmented wheels will be now selectable and deliverable from Ø 2000 mm (previous selectable from Ø 0950 mm)


Optimisations of Hoval CASER

Plate heat exchanger

  • New definition: Instead of plate spacing, now performance values, currently P1 to P4
  • New Gotthard P4 range (efficiency range 80%)
  • New combined Gotthard Solutions (air flow rate now up to 16,000 m³/h possible)
  • Combined Gotthard solutions with TÜV certificate
  • Number of actuators is listed  in technical data sheet
  • "Optimal" order  quantity added for Gotthard (pallet order)


Rotary heat exchangers

  • New very stable baffle plate  and profile casing with new naming scheme
  • Up to 7% more effective  rotation exchanger surface, therefore lower pressure drop and higher efficiency
  • Highly-efficient step motors  with optimal torque progression
  • New design handbook available
  • New calculation procedure for the purge sector only using the fan positions (pressure loss no longer has to be calculated on-site)
  • Practical extension of the range of options