Hoval SheetMetal Casing


New casing concept for Hoval rotary heat exchangers

We have developed a completely new casing for our rotary heat exchangers.
The revolutionary design principle is convincing:

  • Up to 7% more heat exchanger surface area due to up to 50mm larger diameter of the storage mass
  • High operational reliability and leaktightness due to extremely stable casing
  • High efficient gearless stepper motors with internal electronic run monitoring



« The casing concept for the future - more stability and better performance »

Roman Germann, Head of Development Energy Recovery

Up to 7% more effective surface area

The narrower housing makes room for larger rotors - without changing the overall dimensions.

A 50mm larger diameter storage mass doesn’t sound like much, but means up to 7% more effective surface area for energy recovery.

The result are better efficiencies and a lower pressure drop.

High-efficient stepper motor

The gearless 3-phase stepper motors require little space in the casing. Despite lower energy consumption, they offer an optimum torque characteristic for a continuous drive. Electronic run monitoring is already integrated.
All Hoval rotary heat exchangers (Muonio, Emån and Viskan) will be supplied with the new SheetMetal casing.

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Now available and included in the new CASER.