Krivan – now you can develop better products!

At Hoval we designed a completely new product line of plate heat exchangers. With efficiency values of 73–80% it is ready for your ErP challenges today and in the future.

The new Krivan offers an outstanding airflow and a previously unknown level of stability. You can keep your existing designs and immediately get higher airflow – or you can develop much cheaper air handling units.

Higher airflow – same dimensions: Switching into the future made easy for you!

  • 20% higher air flow at same dimensions or same air flow at smaller dimensions
  • Outstanding differential pressure stability up to 2500 Pa
  • Efficiency over 73% – up to 80%
  • Easy switch: identical dimensions and options as with the known S-design

Krivan overview


« Much better airflow data – everything else stays the same »

The new high-performance plate heat exchanger

The new Krivan is the solution of the future in the high performance sector


20% higher volume flow compared to S-design

At the same size, the Krivan delivers 20% higher volume flow than the S-design. You can therefore realise more powerful – or smaller – air handling units in no time.


Krivan 085 and 100 immediately available with all options

With the Krivan you can immediately switch into the future. Sizes 085 and 100 will be released in December 2018. From the start each size is available in all options.


Krivan and Gotthard – plate heat exchanger for the ErP future

Hoval has a matching ErP-compliant plate heat exchanger for every air flow requirement. Above 3500 m3 /h we consider the Krivan with cross-flow principle to be the most effective solution. The Gotthard seamlessly covers the lower volume flow demands.


Krivan – the benefits


« 20% higher volume flow helps you to
immediately build better products. »

+20% volume flow

With the Krivan you can immediately build better products. At the same size you get 20% higher volume flow than with the S-design. You can therefore design your systems much smaller and more cost-effectively.


Outstanding stability – volume flow guaranteed throughout real operation

The new lightweight technology makes the Krivan particularly stable. Independent tests carried out by TÜV SÜD in Germany show less than 3% increase in pressure drop at a differential pressure rise of 1000 Pa.
In the example, a Krivan 085 was tested under condensation conditions. It was filled with more than 100 litres of «condensing water». Despite this high load, the 85 cm plates in the middle of the package bent by only 2mm – amazing!

A good choice for the future

We at Hoval believe in the future of the plate heat exchanger. The great potential of the Krivan is far from exhausted and efficiency rates above 73% are only the beginning.  

Krivan in detail


« Krivan is designed to easily fit in with your production »

Technology changes – dimensions stay the same

The Krivan will look familiar to you. Despite new technology in the interior, the dimensions have remained the same. So you can keep your designs and offer them with increased air performance.

100% reliability – confirmed.

All Krivans are and will be tested on our test stand at TÜV SÜD in Germany. The tests are carried out by TÜV technicians. This means for you:
  • Reliable data
  • 100% tested data
  • Independent data